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Ship all the things:
+ Charlie/Monroe (bass and charlie 5ever)
+ Charlie/Monroe/Connor
+ Charlie/Connor
+ Jason/Connor
+ Rachel/Connor a little bit, give me sexual tension for 5 seconds and being pinned against a wall and I'll ship it.


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You’re a screwdriver-wielding psychopath

Revolution 2x19 / 1x09

Rachel is def. the craziest one of all…

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Is there anything you don’t like about David Lyons? x

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Its official… we have cheese to prove it. 

description fits so  well, I can’t

This cheese is canon cheese.

Don’t tell me this ship name is too cheesy for you.





Its official… we have cheese to prove it. 

description fits so  well, I can’t

This cheese is canon cheese.


Don’t tell me this ship name is too cheesy for you.

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Revolution AU; After the long fought war with the Patriots is over, Rachel is made president of the newly formed Matheson Republic.  However good intentions soon turn dark and a sense of tension and paranoia soon set in across the county.  People begin to fear their new leader instead of trust her to help and protect them. General Scanlon, head of the Matheson Militia, is only remembered for his brutality and incapability of mercy, especially when he discovers people trying to defect from the Republic for California or the Plains Nation.  Miles has long sense fallen out of love with Rachel, but is forced to keep up appearances to protect Bass and Connor from being rounded up and executed.  Charlie, who has never been one for dresses and other idle activities, must play the part of the faithful, quiet, feminine daughter, her only escape being her secret affair with Monroe.  As careful as the two lovers are, though, soon Charlie discovers she is pregnant with Monroe’s child. Deciding to tell her mother in hopes that it might save her mother from the monster she’s become, the youngest Matheson devises a plan on how to break the news.  Surprisingly, before she can put her plan into action, Rachel invites her to the Presidential estate for dinner.  All goes well at first, but just before they sit down to dinner one of the servants slips her a note from Miles saying “She knows about the baby. Don’t eat the soup, it’s poisoned.”.  Realizing her mother will never stop until she is no longer carrying Monroe’s child, she understands now that she cannot stay in the Matheson Republic.  Connor, Miles, and Monroe develop a plan to smuggle Charlie out of the country quietly, and soon the foursome are hiding in plain sight on the Oregon coast.  Six months later on a stormy, dark night Nora Claire Matheson Monroe comes screaming into the world healthy and the perfect mix of  her mother and father. From the moment of her first breath her four protectors vow to keep her safe for as long as they live, even if it is from her own grandmother.

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things at which Revolution still excels: making Elizabeth Mitchell look like a goddess 

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Revolution Redux: Space Pirates AU | Pirates of the Galaxy

For centuries, the Planetary Alliance has kept the peace in the galaxy, but in the shadows of a dying star, a group calling themselves the Patriots has worked on a nefarious plan to seize power.

When Charlie discovers those plans and the role Rachel is playing in them, she’s put her under house arrest by her mother. Charlie’s a Matheson though, and a Matheson never gives up. She knows, the Alliance’s only chance are the mysterious Twelve Pendants, legendary artifacts from a time long forgotten that are said to give their wearer the Power of Light, and in a daring escape Charlie flees her home world in the Republic, the starfighter that once belonged to her uncle and his best friend, the most famous pirate duo the galaxy has ever known.

Well aware that she can’t do it alone, Charlie sets out to recruit the three people she trusts the most – Connor, her best friend and one of the best pilots the Alliance has ever trained; Bass, Connor’s father and one half of the former pirate duo; and Miles, her uncle and the other half of the pirate duo.

She finds Connor in the Patriots’ prison on Nabogah where he’s waiting for his death sentence to be carried out. He’s not even thinking twice about it but agrees immediately to accompany her on her quest, looking like all his birthdays have come all at once.

His father on the other hand, is a little bit harder to convince, which might be because the last time they met, Charlie practically threw Bass at that bounty hunter who was after her. A Matheson, even if it’s not Captain Matheson, is still worth a few thousand glyphs.

The last man, and the one she pins all her hope on, is more than a little surprised to see her after years of no contact. Miles is reluctant to join her, he wants to forget his past and certainly not face his future, but Charlie is stubborn and has always managed to slip past her uncle’s defenses.

She’s not sure how Miles will react once he finds out who else is part of her crew, there’s a destroyed solar system full of broken bodies and planets between Bass and him, but Charlie also knows that she can’t do this without them. Her dad and Emma would have seen it the same way. It’s Bass who reaches out first, siding with Charlie, and Miles only hesitates a second before following suit.

It’s four of them against an army, but just like in the good old days, they have their own ways of getting what they want…

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Monroe & Matheson

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You know Miles, sometimes I feel like Bass is too good to you.

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Ow so I punched myself in the feels by thinking of Bass and Charlie having a thing but when they bring Connor back Bass see show his son looks at her and knows he will step aside that instant because there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his kid and if that means giving up his halting dream of something with Charlie, so be it. 

Someone who is not me needs to write this.

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